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Parenting is an exciting and challenging experience. Parent Coaching provides a powerful environment for developing a clear parenting plan. Whether you are about to have your first child, or have children of varying ages (and personalities!), Parent Coaching can help you feel confident in your choices. Having a clearly defined parenting plan allows you to comfortably navigate the inevitable surprises and challenges of parenting.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and wish your child came with instructions? You know you want your children to lead happy lives, feel secure, and know they are loved. Do you know how to get there? Are your responses to the daily demands of child-rearing aligned with the big picture of what you want for your children? Answer these questions and more as you are guided through the discovery of your values, and development of strategies for giving your child the best life possible. Create your own manual of parenting solutions!

Powerful Parenting is parenting with clear intention and purpose. A parenting plan makes it easy to know how you want to respond to virtually any parenting situation. Do you sleep train your baby or wait till they naturally sleep through the night? Should you let your child have the desert they are begging for? When do you allow them struggle and when do you step in to assist? How do you guide them to become individuals who make good choices for themselves? How do you develop confidence and self-esteem?



Parenting is the most important job you will ever have. Do it with clarity, confidence and joy!

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