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Few people have touched my life in such a profound way as Tiahna. Given the breadth of her wisdom, I know that Tiahna’s gifts to everyone will be as different as our individual paths. Through my work with her, I was able to discard the idea that I was a victim in my life, and to take control in a meaningful way. If you are ready to view your life through a different lens and leave behind what isn’t serving you any more, I could not recommend Tiahna more.

– Luke K., Operations Manager

Tiahna has been one of the great blessings of my adult life. She has helped me in PROFOUND ways to love myself and to show up to life with ever more vibrancy, authenticity and depth. Tiahna offers so much more than traditional counselors. My sense is that she has lived her life with blazing curiosity and a deep commitment to truth, vitality, and soul; as a result, she has been able to offer me priceless wisdom about how to discover those treasures in my own life.


Working with Tiahna is always comforting, exhilarating, and enlightening. Our sessions are usually filled with playful laughter and also deep discovery.


If you're interested in growth, healing, and discovery that exceeds even what seems possible, I can't recommend Tiahna enough.



– Ari M., Artist & Cosmologist

My colleague Tiahna Skye is a gifted and intuitive counselor and Co-Active coach. I have had the privilege of observing her work, and of being coached by her. Her uniquely broad palette of professional and personal experience and training serve to enhance her natural coaching talent. Tiahna cuts through the surface of life challenges to the heart of the matter with profound wisdom, practicality and kindness while displaying a connection with the numinous. Coaching with Tiahna helps to uncover hindrances to a satisfying and whole life, and her suggested practices are creative and life-changing. She consistently displays competency with the practical aspects of business and daily life while fostering life transformation. Her dedication to her own transformation contribute to her notable authenticity and effectiveness with her clients.

Ingrid Ammondson, Ph.D.

Tiahna is someone I will forever hold dear to my heart. For the last 12+ years, her guidance, support and unwavering love and acceptance has assisted me through some of the biggest hurdles of my lifetime. Whether it be spiritual, relationship, parenting, family, financial, health, business struggles, she has consistently offered the most sound and beneficial support of anyone in my life. From facing deep rooted damaging patterns, to celebrating major transformations and awakenings, her creative and limitless guidance and intuition has always been spot on! I can’t imagine where I would be without the support she has offered me, but I am so grateful to be in the empowered, confident, worthy and loving place that I am in my life. She is non-judgmental, trustworthy and has always steered me in the direction of maximum growth and freedom. Knowing Tiahna is, without a doubt, one of the greatest blessings I have been so lucky to receive.

-Rebecca G,LMT

Let me start by saying that I’m extremely selective of those whose opinions I seek and employ. It was with this standard that I sought out Tiahna’s coaching service years ago. I have since been regularly in awe of the wisdom and compassion encapsulated in a single human, and count myself lucky to benefit from what she offers. Despite coming to her with a wide variety of what feel like insurmountable challenges, I often find that Tiahna can help me dispatch with them in short order.
Her basic philosophy that we already have everything we need to find happiness means the process is often a lot quicker and easier than I expect. Tiahna has a profound intuitive gift and a keen eye for what needs to happen, able to pick an emotional needle out of the overwhelming haystack. She’s able to maintain her legendary compassion while firmly directing my attention to the uncomfortable thing I’m avoiding.
I go back to Tiahna whenever life becomes too confusing, and have referred literally dozens of my friends to do the same. I would encourage anyone to give it a try.

Jonathan Warner - Director, Adobe

Tiahna helped me to repurpose my business into one that is both creative and appropriate for me at this time in my life.
- Works with the whole person by combining therapy skills with coaching skills
- Cuts to the chase with insights to help expose unconscious patterns
- Works effectively as a moderator between two people to keep things on point
- Adapts to working style preferences of clients
- Brings healing and growth by exposing unconscious patterns; helps to create new ways of dealing with situations
- Conveys compassion, insight and love through work, while maintaining professionalism at all times

Teliha Draheim - Creative Director, Image West Group, LLC

Tiahna is an incredible coach, full of empathy, compassion, and integrity. She has an innate gift for asking just the right questions that guide you towards your own answers. I wouldn’t be the person, mother, or teacher I am today without her. My sessions with Tiahna opened doors that changed my life forever. She helped me see that if I changed my thinking, I could change my life…and I did! As a single Mom I found a way to go back to school, change my career and build a better life for myself and my daughter. I am forever grateful for her guidance and encouragement!

Renee Arenada - Instructor National Holistic Institute

Damon and I had the pleasure of working with Tiahna over several years on coaching us in our relationship and marriage. She was an invaluable guide in personal growth for both of us. We each felt like she had the tools and insights to communicate effectively with us, even though in some respects Damon and I communicate very differently. She approached our problems without judgement or blame and always led us to an understanding that deepened our relationship and communication. We left every session feeling renewed, energized and closer as a couple. I can not recommend Tiahna enough. Working with her was both a pleasure and a key tool in our growth as individuals and as a couple.

~ Gavin W. & Damon M.

Tiahna brings forth your own wisdom, guiding you into alignment with your core values and purpose in life. She has been helping people for a long time, and her experience is clear. She believes every person has a unique gift, and is full of possibility and potential. Her guidance inspires me and moves me authentically into action. Life isn’t hard when you are living with intention and excitement.

Michele Rivers, Artist

Tiahna has great intuitive skills that enhance her coaching skills.
She has the ability to get to issues quickly and read an individual’s personality to help the growth process along.
Tiahna kept my husband and I engaged by mirroring back to us our core values and our sincere love for each other when we wanted to quit during the hard times.
I am truly grateful for that support and am still married after 15 years.
She also married us at the altar and helped us create an unforgettable ceremony.

Andrea and David Vincent

Tiahna is truly a special guide. My husband and I started seeing her when we were dating and we continued on our relationship journey with Tiahna through our engagement, our wedding and the birth of our first child. She provided us with such a safe, nurturing refuge to work through some really hard places, both individually and as a couple. She brings deep intuition, compassion and empathy as well as effective tools for deepening connection to oneself and to the world. I highly recommend working with her!


- Prem, yoga teacher, massage therapist, birth worker

Wayne Dywer, one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time once said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


As a life coach, this is Tiahna's gift to her clients; I compare her to a beautiful kalidscope as she gently and compassionately assists you to adjust you personal scope in order to view  issues from a broader and clearer perspective. In doing so, one can miraculously transform their whole life. 


- Ande Mass, Bend, OR

Tiahna has been an exceptional ally for me for over a decade in the adventure of staying sane in a world of internal and external beauty, awkwardness, confusion, clarity, despair, and triumph. I've gotten to the point where I invoke her voice, and what I think she would question, when dealing with challenging situations. She's rubbed off on me and my ways, and my life is better for it! I think testimonials like this one are useful in giving a little snippet of how people feel about their experience with a coach or counselor, but honestly I just want to encourage anyone who is considering working with Tianha to just give it a whirl... try a few sessions and see how your connection is. One thing is for sure, Tianha is dynamic, wise, playful, and super sharp... nothing gets past her. I feel so enriched from the time I have spent with her. 


- Sean Lyon, Massage Therapist at Google, Musician

Tiahna has been a long time spiritual guide. Her intuition and emotional intelligence are unparalleled, and without her guidance I would not be the human I am today. She leads by setting a rigorous example for self-inquiry, challenging our habits and complacencies, and caring with boundless compassion. She asks the difficult questions, and she sees connections and pathways where we usually find blockades. Knowing Tiahna is one of the greatest joys this world provides, and I am honored to have her in my life.

- Tristan Rodman, musician

Tiahna’s Coaching is uniquely powerful, effective and transformative.  It’s like being seen and guided in one’s exploration by an Eagle eye;  Tiahna engages with laser precision and a fearless pursuit of truth.  Her combination of clear loving attention and fierce loyalty to my agenda, creates magic.  Tiahna is able to somehow uncover treasures in me that I didn’t even realize existed.  She helps me access and activate my most insightful, decisive and courageous self.  Her persistent yet compassionate dedication to my continuing forward momentum has inspired me to challenge by edge and find new frontiers.  Very very highly recommended!!



- Peter Meyer, Attorney

Wow! I just had an amazing session with Tiahna. I have found her coaching extraordinarily helpful in helping me break through a career challenge. I left a recent session felling empowered, motivated and completely aligned to my purpose and values.  Tiahna has a masterful style — she’s thoughtful and kind yet tough exactly when you need her to be asking provocative and soul stirring questions to lead to breakthrough.  I’m thrilled to be back on my path!


Gina Larkin -  Leadership Coach

Tiahna has  impressed me as one of the most consistently ethical and good-hearted people I've had the privilege to know. A few years ago, I had occasion to use her services as a mediator. Although I felt I knew  appreciated her intelligence, I was astonished by her skill and insights as a mediator. I felt her insights and approaches were awake, aware, nuanced, and intentional - really extraordinary. 


Based on that experience, I feel I can wholeheartedly recommend her as both a coach and a mediator.

= Louis Nuyens, Executive Director, Amazing Science After School Program, Marin County

Tiahna is wise, insightful, and fun to work with. In just one coaching session with her I transformed my perspective on an issue I had been struggling with for months! She beautifully struck the balance between supporting and challenging me and I came out of the session more self-aware, confident, and energized. I would highly recommend her!


- Y. Srivastava 

As someone who works in the coaching field, I must say that Tiahna is one of the best coaches I have encountered.  She is extremely insightful, curious and it is clear that she has deep respect and care for her work and for her clients.  She creates a safe space where I can feel comfortable exploring very uncomfortable topics in the interest of deepening my own learning.  This allows me to move forward with success in my life, leaving behind the stories and past issues that have held me back from being my most authentic self.  I know I am in the best hands with Tiahna and I would recommend her only to people who are serious about getting deep and doing the necessary work to achieve the lives they want to live.  This sort of work is not for the faint at heart, which is why I want someone as strong and as dedicated to her practice as Tiahna to be my guide.


- Melanie Lennon, Leadership Coach

Tiahna offers extraordinary Life Coaching sessions, beautifully creative & deeply insightful, with the gracefulness of one who has "Been there, Done that" & found the gem to then share with you. She is a true treasure to me, & it's so wonderful to recommend this treasure to others!

- Laurel Wolfe-Surles, CMT

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